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Tailor Made Camps

Let us custom-fit our popular camps to your requirements and help you get the most out of your stay in the Solvang area. Bring a group of 12 to 30! Work with our coaches, or we can work with yours. From coaching and route plans to itinerary and accommodation; pool time, catering, SAG support, staff, airport shuttles, and more. Rely on our experienced support to free your time for training.

If you are interested in bringing your triathlon or cycling club/group to Solvang and holding a custom camp with us, please contact us via email for availability and more information.


  • Oppenheimer Funds

  • Hong Kong Triathlon Team

  • Endure It Sports, Naperville, IL

  • Frank's Camp, Canadian group

  • Endure It Solvang Camp

    Oppenheimer Funds Group

    Past Custom Camps

    Endure It Solvang Camp

    Oppenheimer Funds Group

    Frank's Camp

    Hong Kong Triathlon Team