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"The camp exceeded my expectations. Charlie and her team are like a well oiled machine. They have thought of everything! The schedule was flexible enough so it could work for all the athletes. Having options like 'long rides' vs 'race simulation' was a great idea since many of us were gearing up for an early season race. Being able to ride/swim/run right from the hotel (or a short walk) was fantastic. I did tons of research on the 'ideal camp' and I am thrilled that I found Solvang Triathlon Camp. Also - the scenery is postcard perfect."
-Karen Blamick, Longwood, FL (Spring Fling Camp 2019)

"The staff do an amazing job organizing this tri camp. It's very obvious every detail is thought out, coordinated and planned with great care. They have an amazing staff of knowledgeable and capable coaches who invest their time in us as athletes and help us on our triathlon journey. This camp is hard, but it's also doable, rewarding, fun, and a great way to kick off the season. The venue is perfect, and the athlete camaraderie is wonderful."
-Rebecca Wolthius, Sweet Home, OR (Spring Fling Camp 2018, 2019)

"My 2nd year at Solvang Spring Fling Camp and I left feeling fit, tired and so very happy! The camp is 2nd to none. Epic riding, amazing coaches, quality food, camaraderie and fun. Its everything you can ask for in a camp. The years of experience show with the attention to detail, amazing sag, support and availability of staff and coaches."
-Julie Dunkle, San Diego, CA (Spring Fling Camp 2018, 2019)

"The coaches are top tier, accessible and insightful. The staff is supportive and helpful at literally every turn! The participants are fun loving and competitive. It's intense! And fun. You'll be surprised how much quality and quantity training you can get in in just one week. And you'll enjoy the benefits throughout the rest of the season."
-Dave Coburn, Santa Barbara, CA (Spring Fling Camp 2012, 2013, 2014,2015 and March Miles Camp, 2015 and 2017)

"Great camp with fully support sag at all times. They have a great program for every day, with challenge rides and workouts, including time to transition between sports and meals, without feeling rushing. The meals were awesome and very well programed, we even have time schedule to rest and socialize. Great coaching staff helping at all times and spending time with the athletes, providing helpful tips on every sport."
-Roberto Florencia, McKinney, TX (Spring Fling Camp 2017)

"I have nothing but great things to say about Solvang Tri Camp!! The biking was incredible - such beautiful scenery, challenging climbs, vineyards and wildflowers in abundance - and the people were the very best from the staff who put together an awesome itinerary and kept everything flowing seamlessly to the excellent coaches to the inspiring and interesting athletes!! I now know why there are so many campers who come back year after year - I hope to be one of them!"
-Jenna Hannigan, Bethesda, MD (Spring Fling Camp 2017)

"My second year at camp was as great as the first! Excellent workouts with fun campers and excellent coaches."
-Daniel Wheeler, San Francisco, CA (Spring Fling Camp 2016, 2017)

"The training camp exceeded my expectations in so many ways, from scenery to technique suggestions to new friends. In just a few days I developed skills that will carry forward years into my racing. The staff do a wonderful job at organization and attending to everyone's individual needs."
-Nicole Kimborowicz, San Francisco, CA (Summer Launch Camp 2015)

"There is no doubt in my mind that attending these camps prepares athletes for a strong season. Everything is best in class: the cycling routes, coaches, staff and accommodations." -Tim Murakami, Valparaiso, IN (Spring Fling Camp 2014, March Miles Camp 2015, 2016, 2017)

"Solvang Triathlon Camps exceeded my expectations, and was a great launching off point for the triathlon season. The coaches and staff provided a great, fun training environment. Location and proximity of the pool, riding and running trails made for a wonderful training week. Meadowlark Inn provided nice accommodations and morning fuel! Would highly recommend the camp and hope to return soon!"
-Justine Oppehheim, Boston, MA (Summer Launch Camp 2015)

"The camp more than met my needs for jumpstarting my higher mileage time of year. The organization was awesome again, my 3rd camp. The variety of training for all athlete's is amazing, such that everyone can tune the workouts and sessions to their own needs yet still train with the whole group. Just a great camp experience."
-Jim Knapik, Redmond, WA (Endure It Camp 2011, 2012, March Miles Camp 2015)

"Great instruction! Coach Ian has a real talent for breaking down complex issues to their basic components and analyzing them and the staff kept things light and fun. I really enjoyed getting acquainted with the other athletes. It was a fun group of people. I learned many useful things that I can implement into my daily training. What more amazing place in which to train for the sport we love than in the bucolic countryside of central California."
-Steve Teodoro, Arizona (Summer Launch Camp 2015)

"This training camp was first class. The cycling and running terrain were both beautiful! The number of low-traffic roads for cycling was astonishing. The participants and the coaches were great. As soon as the dates are set for next year, I'm going to block my calendar. Can't wait!"
-Andrea Devrome, Flagstaff, AZ - Half Ironman Athlete (Spring Fling Camp 2010, 2011, 2015)

"I came to camp depending on the swim and the run, left camp feeling like I was ready to break through on the bike. Thanks!"
-Chris Niquette, Fremont, MI (Summer Launch Camp 2015, Spring Fling Camp 2016)

"I thought camp was a tremendous value in terms of training schedule, ease of getting around, eating and a stress free environment. It is run like a well oiled machine with quality coaches and seminars, and a variety of activities, routes, food choices and plenty of time to relax yet socialize if desired. Extremely quaint location and a wonderful combo of relaxation and training to set your season up for success."
-Greg White, Denver, CO (March Miles Camp 2015, 2016)

"A wonderful opportunity to attend a well organized triathlon training camp in a scenic and challenging environment with fellow triathletes and world class coaches. The best way to kick-start the season."
-Joe Steyn, Vancouver, Canada (Endure It Camp, 2011 & 2012, Spring Fling Camp 2013, 2014)

"Solvang Triathlon Camp engages athletes in providing committed and knowledgeable coaching staff who work with you individually and as a group to help you achieve your present and future goals with kindness, humor and sound coaching ability. An outstanding experience!"
-Lee-Ann Wearing, Timmins, ON, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2013, 2014, March Miles Camp 2016)

"The camp provided me with the much needed road, hill and endurance experience on my bike. I thoroughly enjoyed the support from participants, coaches and camp organizers. When the outings - swim, bike or run became personally challenging someone was always there to ensure success. I have created new friends from across the country, fell in love with Solvang, CA and can't wait to bring friends, family and fellow athletes to next year's camp. Thank you."
-Annette Kaptur, Willow Springs, IL (Endure It Camp 2012)

"Wonderful, well-organized camp! This camp provides a great way to get a jump on outdoor riding. I enjoyed swimming and running with new groups of people. A year ago the Jalama Beach 82 mile ride was a lifetime distance record for me. I came to camp that year to get started on Ironman training. after doing 2 Ironman races in '09, this year Jalama ride was pure joy."
-Deb Stevens, Naperville, IL (Endure It Camp Athlete 2009, 2010, 2012)

"Having completed four camps over the last three years, I can attest that Solvang Tri Camps run a great camp where the athletes are well taken care of and the athletic activities match the needs of the individual better than anywhere.
-Michael Main, Naperville, IL (Endure It Camp 2010, 2011, 2012)

"Would recommend this camp to all triathletes, novice to experiences, olympic to Ironman distance. The director is very attentive to the smallest detail to ensure all campers have a rewarding experience. The coaches are uniformly friendly and helpful, and encourage participants to transcend their comfort levels to improve performance. I learned a great deal from the other campers, as well as the coaches. The setting, ambiance, and activities are first-rate, as attested to be the large number of returnees each year."
-Julie Fagan, Madison, WI (Spring Fling Camp 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

"I absolutely loved the Solvang camp. Literally the best ride of my life was during this camp. All in all it was incredible training, awesome people, and a classy organization."
-JP Severin (Spring Fling Camp 2010)

"My first camp experience - incredible! Training in Solvang was breathtaking (in more ways than one!) The food was excellent. I can't say enough about the coaches and support staff. Solvang and this camp, is a gem- I plan to be back!"
-Audrey Bell-Peter, Toronto ON (Women's Camp Athlete 2010, 2012)

"Beautiful cycling and challenging riding that pushed me to the max. To have great meals prepared promptly in a simple setting was ideal..... It allowed for conversation, reflection and laughter."
-Derek Case, Calgary, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2004)

"Staying, riding and eating together were the highlights of the week for me. The wide range of abilities at camp was a positive thing too - being kind of in the 'middle' gave me an opportunity to learn from both the beginners and the fast crew."
-Rob Aitken, Kenora, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2004, 2005)

"Both 'Dawn and I would like to thank you for the wonderful camp you put on in Solvang!!! You have found a very good chemistry, structure, venue, fun and hard work. Keep up the great work!!!" (2004)

"Once again I loved the camp. The wine tasting and dinner at the Winery was a real nice addition, 'Bravo'. The routes, the organization, the sag... excellent. The dinner on the lawn, some beer/wine and visiting with who ever you wanted was probably the most enjoyable for me." (2007)
-Tim Johnson, Calgary, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, March Miles Camp 2016)

"Charlie, thanks for a wonderful camp experience -- I loved it! I particularly enjoyed the massive volume of cycling."
-John Hernandez, San Jose, California (Spring Fling Athlete 2006)

"I achieved new level of fitness! There were plenty of challenges with many levels to choose from each day. Attention to the details was great; route planning, sag vehicles, care of athletes, massages, yoga, nobody got left behind!!"
-Jenelle Cobb, Seattle, Washington (Spring Fling Camp 2007, 2008, 2009)

"I loved the casualness of the entire thing. We are all there to get in some serious training, but it is run so well that it does not feel like a boot camp. Many groups, many speeds, and support at every turn. Of course the meals are always great and the terrain is perfect."
-Tom Gruver, Seattle, Washington (Spring Fling Camp 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

"Thanks a million for offering me the fantastic opportunity to attend the Spring Fling Camp. I can truly say that it has really made things seem a bit clearer. I am focus on putting the miles in on the bike and getting my running fast now. Hopefully I can qualify for the Europeans in 2 weeks time."
-Tom Swift - UK/Portugal - Now riding as a professional cyclist with a Portuguese team. (Spring Fling Camp 2005)

"YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!!!! I had the most amazing time ever. The additional century option was wonderful. The timing of all the rides, rest days was perfect. Everything was awesome!"
-Angela Naeth, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2007, 2008, 2009)

"This was one of the best weeks of my life. It was great to ride with other srong athletes. I learned a lot about my bike handling skills and my ability to handle volume. It was fantastic because all we worried about was eating, sleeping training and socializing. No meals to make or things to clean up! Very stress free!"
-Ben Peotter, Lodi Wisconsin, two time Ironman Wisconsin finisher (Spring Fling Camp 2004, 2005)

"What I enjoyed most about the camp was; the expertise of the coaches, the wonderful humor and lightheartedness, the super-helpfulness of all the staff, the incredible wealth of athletic accomplishments and knowledge, the layout of the Meadowlark (supported the feel of the whole week), the itinerary‚lots of riding & plenty of opportunity to "customize" each day to suit one‚ own training needs, the length of camp (I was pooped by the end‚ it would have started to fizzle for me if it had gone on much longer), the cost, the great bike & run routes, the swim workouts, the incredible food, the 24X7 availability of massage. I loved EVERYTHING! YOU GUYS ROCK! I have been to many organized events over the years, and this is one of the BEST EVER. Cindy and I volunteered to be bumped from our flight on Sunday (got home 3 hours later than originally scheduled, routed through LAX) in return for a free airline ticket. So we have already got our tickets for next year‚ event! SIGN US UP!"
-Lola Jacobsen, Seattle, Washington (Spring Fling Camp 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013)

"I'm very sorry I can't help you out with improving on the camp because I really honestly can't come up with anything that I'd change. To quote Mr. Rogers 'I like you just the way you are'. I liked best the other campers, the rides, the campfires, the great food, the runs, the swim, the scenery, and of course most of all you guys."
-Barb Hillier, Penticton, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2006)

"Social and semi competitive aspects of the rides. Great location and variety of riding. You guys are all awesome to be around and the Meadowlark Inn is a wonderful location and setup."

-Dave Walsh, Seattle, Washington (Spring Fling Camp 2007, 2008, 2009)

"Just wanted to thank you for last week's awesome experience! It was a hooooooot... from an athlete's point of view. The camp has helped my cycling enormously, I feel so strong now and putting in a 120k bike ride seems like nothing anymore! Super!"
-Yoeri Geerits, Calgary, Canada (Spring Fling Camp 2005)

"I got everything out the camp I wanted. Donn and I raced April 1 in Virginia Beach. We were both happy with our races and qualified for Du Worlds in Hungary. We attribute our early season fitness to the Spring Fling Camp."
-Anne Viviani, Arlington, Virginia (Spring Fling Camp 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017)

"The best time I've ever had on two wheels, Thanks Charlie!"
-Mike Phillips, Naperville, IL (Endure It Camp Athlete 2010)

"This was my third year of the Endure It Camp and I can't wait for my fourth. I look forward to getting out of Chicago during a winter week and enjoying some great workouts with fellow triathletes in a very beautiful part of southern California. I haven't been disappointed yet! I loved the fact that the pro triathlete, Michael Lovato, has such a great attitude and doesn't look down upon us amateurs. He has so much knowledge about the sport that he loves to share and everyone enjoys listening to his stories (funny and serious).The fireside chats are the best!!"
-Kathleen Weisman, Naperville, IL (Endure It Camp Athlete 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

"I arrived in Solvang for the Endure It training camp March 2010 with the objective of putting in base miles on my bike and mixing in swim and run workouts. the camp is ideally suited to these goals. There is flexibility in the schedule and the camp attracts a wide level of athletes which allowed me to work at my optimal pace. Seminars are scheduled throughout the camp with pro triathletes and coaches, all of whom are readily available for questions and advice. David Fix and Michael Lovato are top level athletes and skilled coaches.

"Charlie and her staff provide top level van support during rides including all manner of nutrition products, all which is critical on long rides or if the weather changes. Most meals are included in the camp registration fees and are excellent in quality. The cycling in the area around Solvang is challenging and beautiful. The Endure It campers were a diverse group of athletes, and we bonded easily. I was always grateful for the encouragement offered by the camp staff and the other athletes. I look forward to cycling, running, and swimming in Solvang again in the future."
-Arne Michalson, Hayden ID, (Endure It Camp Athlete 2010, Lovato Performance Solvang Camp 2014)

"I loved the coaches, the support team, the dinners, the people, the scenery, and the challenge of the cycling, everything! Having never done a camp before, this was absolutely perfect. I look forward to seeing you again. I also liked the entertainment you guys put together, that was fun. Thank you, thank you."
-Tami Prock, Seattle, WA (Spring Fling Camp 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)

"The Solvang Camp challenged my fitness, increased my confidence, lifted my spirits and exceeded expectations in every way. I doubt you could find a more organized, dynamic, professional group of coaches and camp directors in the business. The incredible terrain and scenery is just icing on this camping treat."
-Julee Bartell, Naperville, IL, (Endure It Camp 2011)

"The location (scenery, "rolling" hills, lack of cars) and the camp leadership was great. I'm in serious withdrawal from the weather, exercise and camaraderie!"
-Jeannie Kalikowski, Chicago, IL (Endure It Solvang Camp 2007)

"Everything about the camp was excellent! The cycling was exceptional, the camp was well organized, the food was delicious and plentiful, and the staff was accommodating. I'll definitely be back!"
-Mark Richier, Naperville, IL (Endure It Camp Athlete 2010)

"This was probably one of the most fun I have had since I started the world of triathlon 8 years ago. The oganization was phenomenal and the variety of each day kept me excited and enthusiatic. (I have been sleeping since I got home though - it finally caught up with me) I always felt safe and cared for. The coaches were all wonderful and willing to answer any questions I had. The orientations prior to the rides were perfect. Cristi did a great job stretching us out with her yoga/pilates work outs. Please sign me up for next year! I can't wait and I hope my husband, Phil, will come with me. I met some great people and made some friendships that I know will continue on into the future. I can't thank you enough for all the hard work I know you put into the planning of this camp. It really showed!"
-Cindy Rach: Seattle, WA (Spring Fling Camp 2007, 2008, 2009)

"The atmosphere was terrific and the support of the much better athletes was encouraging. Anytime you can spend a week with great people riding your bike through some of the most beautiful countryside in America - life can't be too bad."
-Barry Sopinsky, Aurora, CO (Endure It Camp Athlete 2010)

"Thanks for the great time-the biking was beautiful (landscape), challenging, fun, fast, painful at times (that's a good pain), the run at the top of Refugio was hard and the swims were cool to be outside in a heated pool. The food was really good and I truly enjoyed it. It was nice to have a 5-star restaurant meal each night. Please don't change that."
-Jay Labonne, Wisconsin (Spring Fling Athlete 2006)

"I had an amazing time at the Solvang Women's Cycling Camp. I met tons of great women, rode my bike in a gorgeous area, and had a fabulous time!!"
-Barb Blakley, Denver, CO (Women's Camp Athlete 2010)

"You guys were awesome to work with, the camp exceeded my expectations, and I've already been talking it up to cycling friends up here for next year. I can't wait for next year.
-Toby Suhm, Seattle, WA (Spring Fling Camp 2007, 2008, 2009)

"The training this camp provides, in terms of coaching, volume, support, and setting, is unmatched. I've done other Ironman training camps and this one is hard to beat. The support provided by the staff is simply amazing. When the coaches say Make this YOUR training camp they weren't kidding. You can do as much or as little as you want and more importantly, at the pace that you want to do it in. The staff is here to support you. I feel taken care of at this camp. I never feel forced to go beyond my abilities in order to stay with the group. If I fall behind, a coach/staff or SAG will make sure that I'm ok. I also love the camaraderie at the camp. I've met many great people and formed great friendships at these camps."
-Su Chang, Woodinville, WA (Spring Fling Camp Athlete, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

"Most enjoyable for me was The FIG. Great ride. Dinner was great every night and I liked the wine tasting at the winery."
-Sean O'Neill, Denver, CO (Spring Fling Camp 2007)

"My week spent in Solvang is the BEST week of the entire year! I look forward to the fantastic company of extraordinary athletes in the perfect setting to challenge my athletic abilities!"
-Anna Brozick, Houston, TX - Triathlete (Spring Fling Camp Athlete 2009, 2010)

"I particularly liked how it was a cycling-intensive camp, which I felt was probably the point since we weren't going to be able to ride outdoors back in the Midwest during the winter. Lodging and food were first-rate, the location was excellent, Solvang was beautiful -- basically, it was perfect. And I really enjoyed the company, the campers and coaches were all incredible, I thought we had a wonderful group of people. I personally felt the camp was well-organized too and I liked how cycling around the Solvang area enabled us to take in the breathtaking sights while getting a great training session in."
-Feng Yi Chew, Chicago/Singapore (Endure It Solvang camp 2007)

"I enjoyed the environment- this includes the remarkable beauty of the landscape as well as the people. To be in such an incredible place with such terrific athletes was just awesome! This was my first year at Sol-vang and I loved it!"
Michele Ahlman, Naperville, IL - Runner/Olympic Distance Triathlete (Endure It Camp Athlete 2010, 2011)

"I really enjoyed the bike rides, the endless challenges, and the town. Heck... i loved it all."
-Rusty Pruden, Seattle, WA (Spring Fling Camp 2007)

"I totally enjoyed the scenery, our fearless leaders (that is you) & fellow campers; the laid back setup at the Meadowlark Inn was perfect and there was plenty of food."
-Steve Essig, Chicago, IL (Endure It Solvang camp 2007)