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Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

To provide a supportive training environment for individuals to absorb themselves in their sport, boost fitness, redefine their athletic self, and have fun training with others in a beautiful part of the world.


Our aim is to be part of an individual's sporting journey, whether that is to enjoy the camp as a goal, to increase motivation towards a race goal, or to provide a supportive training environment to test themselves and dream of new goals. We strive for this through experienced coaching, new skills, camaraderie, full logistical support, and a passion to share our love for endurance sports and the camp environment, to see where fitness can take a person both physically and mentally. 

17 Years of Experience

It all began back in 2004, when visiting Griffen Bicycles and being treated to some days training in the Solvang area. But isn't Solvang just a Danish theme town? Ride after ride demonstrated how incredible the cycling routes are that surround the town. Rides to the beach, up mountains, along quiet roads that wound past wineries and at every turn made us feel we were embedded in a postcard. And then there was a ride up Ballard Canyon. 

"We've got to share this experience, this area is perfect for training." And so the wheels were set in motion, and the first camp was born.

Seventeen years later, the joy of sharing the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley with triathletes and cyclists never gets old. Athletes have attended from all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the UK. There have been athletes who are new to endurance sports, those getting ready for their first half of full iron distance race, and those looking to get a coveted Kona spot. There have also been those there purely to enjoy the beautiful training landscape on offer in the Solvang area, those returning to camp to test themselves on the training terrain as a measure of fitness, or those meeting up with friends they met through a camp previously! Whatever the reason, camp life and Solvang mesh well for the endurance athlete, and with our now seventeen years history, we look forward to cramming the best of Solvang into your camp experience.



Charlie Woodcock

An outdoor enthusiast for all her life, Charlie has directed our Solvang camps since their inception in 2004. From an equestrian and running background that led to competing in Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon in different parts of the world, she loves sharing with others the joy of learning new sporting skills, the fun of working hard for goals, and above all enjoyment of the training camp arena. She thrives on planning memorable training weeks that allow each athlete to see breakthrough performances and find enjoyment within their sporting journey. 


Solvang —
A Training Paradise

Solvang is one of the most beautiful and challenging areas to ride a bike in North America. The city is nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley, 132 miles north of Los Angeles and just 35 miles from Santa Barbara. Rolling hills, climbs from sea level to 4000 feet, a near-perfect climate, and, above all, quiet roads add up to make Solvang a unique training area perfectly suited to the endurance athlete.

The majestic Santa Ynez Mountains serve as a beautiful backdrop to the sleepy central California city of Solvang. As a training setting, these mountains become center stage as they lure athletes to challenge themselves. Twisted roads climb from sea level to 4,500 feet, technical descents and miles of quiet scenic roads wind past the Santa Ynez Valley wineries, the area is a cyclists' paradise, something that was discovered by many top cycling pros years ago and has been a favorite winter/spring training destination of choice for several pro cycling teams over the last two decades. 


With the near-perfect climate year-round, the area is also a triathlete's dream. At our camps, we have use of both indoor and outdoor pools, along with an all-weather running track and beautiful trail and road running routes. Solvang is one of the most desirable training settings for any endurance athlete to visit.

Our Guest Coaches and Staff
Over the Last Decade

Chosen for their passion for the sport and their ability to put others first, we handpick our coaches to enable each camp athlete to get the most out of their time in Solvang. Incredible accomplishments, years of experience with their own training or in guiding others to a goal, and above all, a passion for sharing insights into training and performance set these individuals apart. Itt's the reason we invite them to be part of your Solvang experience.

Check each specific camp for the coaching roster line up.



Performance Director at Colorado Multisport, Master Fitter, Retired Pro Triathlete.
Coached at seven Solvang camps.




USAT, Training Peaks and Slowtwitch certified coach. Competitive age group athlete, raced at the world championship level for 70.3, Ironman and Xterra eight times. Biggest sporting achievement guiding a visually impaired athlete to an Ironman world record time. 
Coached at three Solvang camps.




USA Triathlon level 3 elite certified coach, USAT National Coach of the Year, D3 Multisport Founder. Over two decades of coaching triathlon.
Coached at three Solvang camps.




Three-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion. Winner of 10 Ironmans around the world. Inducted into the Ironman hall of fame in 2016. 

Coached at three Solvang camps.



Ride Leader and Support

Passionate cycling advocate, hill climber specialist, resume includes a three--day stage race in Norway. 
Support role at three Solvang camps.




Former professional cyclist with Saturn and T-Mobile teams. She represented her nation at the 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2006 UCI Road World Championships.
Coached at six Solvang camps.




Exercise physiologist, endurance sport coach of over 20 years, former pro triathlete.
Coached at two Solvang camps.




USA Triathlon Coach level 3, coaching educator at Slowtwitch coaching, bike fitter, F.I.S.T certified, head coach of LA Tri Club.
Coached at five Solvang camps.

IMG_6846 2.jpg


Coach and Bike Support

Owner and Head Coach at Big Dog Coaching. Certified Ironman U triathlon coach, ACE certified personal trainer. Competitive age group athlete, raced at the Ironman 70.3 Nice World Championships and Ironman World Championships in Kona. 
Coaching at our 2022 Spring Fling Camp. Support role at three Solvang camps.




Performance triathlon coach based in Boulder CO. Retired professional triathlete whose race resume includes being an Olympian in triathlon twice, Ironman 70.3 World Champion, and three-time XTERRA Triathlon World Champion.
Coached at two Solvang camps.



Run Coach and Support

Ten-time USATF masters national trail and mountain runner champion. Coached runners since 2013. 
Run coach and support role at ten Solvang camps.




Former pro triathlete, three-time Ironman Champion, three-time Ironman World Championships top-tens, multiple Ironman 70.3 victories. Coaching triathletes and runners since 2001.

Coached at six Solvang camps.



Ride Leader and Support

Lifelong cyclist, all about helping people find the joy of cycling and supporting the process. Founder of
Support role at seven Solvang camps.



Coach and Support

Numerous state and national cycling titles on both the road and the track. Twice completed the Race Across America (RAAM), including a record setting effort by a four-woman team in 2010. 
Support and coach role at five Solvang camps.

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