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Your best season starts in Solvang

A Huge Thanks and Farewell



Born in 2004 out of a love for the training process, the magnificent Solvang area, and the enjoyment of sharing in hard but rewarding miles, the overwhelming feeling of gratitude is upon us as we call time on our camps.

Camp life I hope offered an escape from routine. Camp life I hope offered a chance to push yourself to new limits. Camp life I hope offered the chance to jump-start an endurance dream. And camp life I hope offered friendships, laughter, deep conversations, new beginnings, and an opportunity to believe in yourself. 

Since 2004, our camps have no doubt offered different things to each athlete and staff person attending, but for me in the role of the camp director, I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to have been a part of these camps. All titles and roles aside, each person attending a Solvang camp contributed to the memories and molded each camp experience; there is no doubt in my mind it was the people attending that made camp life so fun. 

“there is no doubt in my mind it was the people attending that made camp life so fun.”

For all those who entered into the camp traditions, both structured and unstructured :), for the fireside and breakfast room chats, the yellow and KOM jersey winners, the ride of the day winners, those fast pace lines, those one-to-one conversations towards the end of a 100-mile ride, the pre-swim early morning coffee trips, the amazing support from our sponsors, and "The Fig", always there to test, delight in views, and see people ride out of their skin and redefine themselves—thank you for being part of it.

For the laughs over being absorbed in camp life and trying to work out "what day is it?", for the fish under the car hood joke in the rental car, or dancing at the Maverick until 2 am, for the incredible swim/bike/run performances, the newbie performances, the come-back stories, and against all odds. The inspiration and fun each athlete brought to the camp carried me from one year to the next and I hope gave inspiration to all attending. 

“thank you for being part of it.”

It's impossible to name all the experiences that have stood out since 2004, each camp had its own story . . . but for me, two themes are clear.

Firstly, simply said, it was the campers. Watching their delight as they greeted each other upon arrival at camp, was something that became one of the motivating forces to keep the camps going year after year. A community had developed, an amazing by-product of the original concept, and what a super group of people.

each camp had its own story . . . but for me, two themes are clear.”


The second stand-out theme was the coaches and staff. I have watched in awe over the years at the expert guidance they gave, sharing in each athlete’s sporting journey, their selflessness and joy in seeing others succeed, their ability to make training fun, each doing their part to bring ideas to the camps and wanting each week to be successful. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

A huge thank you to all the coaches and staff over the years. What a group to work alongside, you are all amazing:

Jason Adante, Jared Berg, Kimberly Baldwin, Eric Bird, Kathy Brown, Shaun Callaghan, Carrie Cash, Marco Coelho, Michael Covey, Jay Crooker, Julie Dibens, Dan Dzuibski, Robin Farina, David Fix, Sara Fix, Andy Fox, Annie Fox, Tony Free, Carrie McKnight Gomez, Ron Good, Chris Grauch, Julie Guthrie, Drew Hettinga, Maia Ignatz, Ryan Ignatz, Jeff Keil, Louise Keoghan, Berti Levy, Amanda Lovato, Michael Lovato, Bill Ludington, Wendy McCormack, Justin Maguire, Tim Murakami, Ian Murray, Will Murray, Pete Nicklin, Martina Patella, Raquel Ramos, Peter Reid, Michael Ricci, Mary Rips, Matt Smith, Molly Smith, Michael Stone, Lisa Tonello, Chuck Veylupek, Dav Veylupek, Tim Waggoner, Patrick Walker, Luke Way, Cal Zaryski.

In addition, a special thanks to all the support and friendship from Brigitte Guehr over the years — you made me feel like family at the Meadowlark Inn, to Chris Grauch for the most zen camp support on the planet, to Carrie McKnight Gomez who supported at every single camp one way or another, and to Chuck Veylupek for coming up with the original idea for the camps in the first place. Thank you all for being such a big part of this adventure. 


And to the campers, thank you for the tremendous opportunity to meet you all and share this time in life together. Thank you for choosing Solvang Triathlon Camps and allowing us to share in your sporting journey. I’m so grateful for the memories and will never forget them. 


With gratitude and best wishes to you all!


Camp Director

Solvang Triathlon Camps


Why Attend One of Our Camps?

Specialists in triathlon and cycling camps

We provide triathletes and cyclists an opportunity to train in a stunning area, build fitness, bank miles, and redefine their best athletic self, all while fully supported by our staff and professional coaches. And the best part? The camp camaraderie and friendships gained along the way.

Are you looking to race an Ironman, 70.3, Olympic, or Sprint distance triathlon? Qualify for the Kona World Championships? Or maybe you are training for a Granfondo, hill climb, or that lifelong endurance bucket list goal? Make a week away at one of our camps be a highlight in the journey towards your goal.

What Sets Us Apart?


17 Years of Experience

Founded in 2004, we have been designing and executing training camps for triathletes and cyclists ever since. 


Professional Coaching

Our coaches are hand-picked not only for their skill and experience, but their love of the sport and ability to put others first.


70% Return Rate

We love seeing our alumni athletes return to camp again and again, to challenge themselves and catch up with friends.

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"I have nothing but great things to say about Solvang Tri Camps!! The biking was incredible - such beautiful scenery, challenging climbs, vineyards and wildflowers in abundance - and the people were the very best, from the staff who put together an awesome itinerary and kept everything flowing seamlessly to the excellent coaches to the inspiring and interesting athletes!! I now know why there are so many campers who come back year after year - I hope to be one of them!" 




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